Hospice of Okeechobee



A Word from our patients and their families about the Hamrick Home

I had always heard that the care one receives at hospice was excellent.  My wife received exemplary care beyond excellent.  I cannot say enough good things about her stay at the Hamrick Home.  Everyone was superb in the way they treated her and myself!
                                                                                                                           R. Groth
Our thanks to each of you.  Your care for Don and kindness to our
family was a great consolation during our sadness.
                                                                                                                            C. Hoecherl
From the moment we realized Hospice was going to be the next step for my Mom,
The Hamrick House was highly recommended.  Because Okeechobee is neither mine
 or my parents home this was scary amidst an already difficult, stressful and sad situation.  But immediately your house provided everything and more care, support
than we thought we could receive.  Your entire staff praised that my Mom was in the
 best place she could be, and so was her family.  Not only did you give her the best care and comfort, you never forgot her husband (my Dad), children (me & my brother), grandchildren and great grandchild.     Thank you for all you do!  You are truly saints! 
                                                                                                                        D. Rogard

David Luke (Anna McCall)
Dear Hospice Family,
How do I try to put into words the feelings of thanks that my family and I have for your entire staff.  Words are often taken for granted, as we exchange niceties to each other when our paths cross on a day to day basis. During the time our mother was under your care and love, I observed many things.  They say actions speak louder than words, but the words of your staff shared with our mother were both honest and heartfelt.  As far as your actions they truly did show the love and care you and your staff had for our mother.  These things did not go unnoticed nor were they ever taken for granted.  Your devotion your patient's, defines the words caregivers and professionals.  There are not many who often get to witness this outside the realm of Hospice, and that's truly a shame.  In the course of a person's life he/she can only hope to encounter people whom treat them with respect, dignity and kindness.  You and your staff bring these qualities to what we feel is the most important part of life and that is dying.  Far too many people leave this physical world alone, fearful and in pain, you and your staff do not allow this to happen for your patient's (your family).  Again as we stated in the beginning of this letter, please accept our heartfelt thanks for taking care of our mother.  We will forever be greatful.

Kenny Challancin

Kenny Challancin takes care of the plants on the porch of his new home, The Hamrick Home.  He has a real green thumb.  "The food is great and I am gaining weight.  The staff are great and very caring" Kenny says.

Tammy Ingersoll
Tammy  Ingersoll states "When my brother-in-law moved in The Hamrick Home in August, the doctors did not think that he would live a week.  His goal was to move home and he made it.  I tell everybody about hospice and it's a wonderful thing.  You can't ask for better staff than at The Hamrick Home.  I thank God for this Place.

Violet McCauley
When Violet McCauley was unable to live alone any longer, she was forced to move in with her granddaughter in another county.  She longed to move back to Okeechobee.
Violet was one of the first to move into The Hamrick Home.  "The nurses and aides are loving, caring girls.  I can even get my hair rolled and set.  I am happy to be a part of The Hamrick Home" Violet says when asked to describe her experience living in the hospice residence.

"There is no other place I would rather be.  The Hamrick Home is home away from home" Violet says enthusiastically.

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