Hospice of Okeechobee



                  The Hamrick Home
           A twelve bed
hospice residence
situated in the heart of Okeechobee.

Homelike Environment
At the Hamrick Home, loving care is provided by hospice nurses in a homelike environment.  The focus of our care is on quality of life and symptom control.  Home coked meals are served.  You can choose to spend time relaxing
in the living room or getting a bit of fresh air on the porch.  Patients will be encouraged to bring mementos, family members can spend the night on occasions and pets can visit.  Our aim is to achieve an atmosphere that
is the "next best thing to being home."

Doing what you love to do

Individuals who live in the Hospice Residence are not prohibited from leaving for brief periods of time.  Quality of life to us means being able to choose to do the things you love whenever you feel up to doing them.  All we request is that you notify us ahead of time of your plans.

Short-term Care for Symptom Control

Some individuals stay at The Hamrick Home for a brief period of time during a symptom control crisis.  This short term stay will allow individuals to avoid a hospital stay in order to get relief from a problem they are experiencing.  For example, hospice patients might come to the facility to receive help with issues related to pain control or for breathing problems.  They would stay for a few days to have their medications properly adjusted and then be able to return to their own homes.  Hospice staff would then continue to provide follow up care at the patient's home.  For patients eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, the full cost of this short term stay is covered by their medical insurance.

Nursing Care

A nurse will be on hand at all times to provide the care needed.  You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a nurse is available to address any problem that comes up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Patients can live in The Hamrick Home as long as they remain eligible for Hospice care.  Some individuals may need to live there for months.

Room & Board Fee
For individuals who choose to move to The Hamrick Home, there is an additional Room and Board fee not covered by insurance.  Fees will be assessed on a sliding scale taking the patient and their family's financial needs into account.  Patients who can not afford to pay the full amount will have the same access to services at The Hamrick Home as those who can afford to pay.

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