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Frequently Asked Questions About The Hamrick Home

I want to stay in my own home now, but I may need The Hamrick Home in the future. Can I still get help from the hospice nurses at my home until I am ready to move?

Yes, Hospice of Okeechobee will continue to provide the quality care to individuals with a life-limiting illness in their own homes that we are well known for. We encourage you to remain in your own home as long as possible and only move to The Hamrick Home if that proves necessary.

I am a member of the Seminole Tribe living on the Brighton Reservation in Glades County, and I am in need of Hospice services. May I move into the Hamrick Home, and if I do, will my spiritual beliefs be acknowledged?

Hospice of Okeechobee has been committed to assuring that Okeechobee and the surrounding rural communities receive quality services for the past 33 years. As such, we welcome individuals with life-limiting illnesses into our Hospice Residence from these communities. Some examples would include residents of Buckhead Ridge and the Brighton Reservation in Glades County, Kissimmee River Estates in Highlands County and Indiantown in Martin County. Hospice of Okeechobee respects all spiritual traditions and will make every effort to honor your customs.

My father refuses to go to a hospital or nursing home and I want to honor his wishes. How is The Hamrick Home different from these institutions?

At the Hamrick Home, loving care is provided by hospice nurses in a homelike environment. The focus of our care is on quality of life and symptom control. Home cooked meals are served round the clock. You can choose to spend time relaxing in the living room or getting a bit of fresh air on the porch. Our aim is to achieve an atmosphere that is the “next best thing to being home.”

A friend received care at another Hospice Residence elsewhere in Florida. We were told the length of time one can stay at a Hospice Residence is limited to weeks. Is this true of Hospice of Okeechobee’s new Residence?

No, each Hospice Residence is unique.  Hospice of Okeechobee will allow patients to live at The Hamrick Home as long as they remain eligible for Hospice care.  We anticipate that some individuals may need to live there for months and we will be glad to provide the care they need during this time.

I live in Okeechobee and my mother lives in Ohio. She has just been told that she needs hospice care. I can not afford to leave my job to care for her. Is she eligible for The Hamrick Home, if I move her to Okeechobee?

Yes, the goal of hospice care is to keep families together. We know that spending time with the ones that you love is very important. If your mother chooses to move to Okeechobee, we would welcome her into The Hamrick Home.

My husband and I both have been receiving hospice services. If we move to The Hamrick Home, will we be permitted to share a room together?

Yes, we would be delighted to accommodate you with this request. Whenever possible, our philosophy is to allow individuals to live at The Hamrick Home in the fashion as they did when they were home.

My grandson graduates from Okeechobee High School in three weeks. If I move into the Hospice Residence, can I still attend his graduation?

Yes, individuals who live in the Hospice Residence are not prohibited from leaving for brief periods of time.  Quality of life to us means being able to choose to do the things you love whenever you feel up to doing them.  All we request is that you notify us ahead of time of your plans. 

If my wife is in the Hamrick Home, can I spend the night with her from time to time?

Yes, Hospice of Okeechobee knows the value of keeping families together whenever possible. Accommodations will  be  provided  to allow family members to stay over night  for brief periods of time as needed. In addition, you are encouraged to visit as often as your heart desires, with respect given to our patient’s wishes on this matter.

This all sounds too good to be true.  How could I afford the quality care provided at the Hospice Residence?  It must be expensive.

Some patients come to The Hamrick Home for a few days because of a symptom control crisis.  Perhaps their pain is out of control or they are having problems with breathing.  For these patients, Medicare or Medicaid will most likely cover the full cost of their stay at The Hamrick Home. 

Other patients are unable to manage at home due to the advanced nature of their illness and may need to live at The Hamrick Home for several weeks or months.  Because Hospice of Okeechobee does not receive increased payment from Medicare or Medicaid for these long term stays at The Hamrick Home, there is a Room & Board fee charged to those who choose to move there.  A sliding fee scale, based on income, is available for those who can not afford the full fee.   The Hospice of Okeechobee Board of Directors remains committed to assuring that hospice services are offered without regard to ability to pay for Hospice care.  Community support will be sought to help cover the cost of providing this additional care for patients who can not afford the full fee.  Everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, will receive the same quality care.



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