Hospice of Okeechobee



How you can support Hospice of Okeechobee

All contributions are tax deductible and we offer several options for your consideration.

This is the most common gift which many people choose to use when honoring the memory of life of a friend or family member.

A second option is to name Hospice of Okeechobee as the POD (payable on death) beneficiary of your bank accounts and CDs.

A third options is to make donations from your retirement accounts (IRA, 401K) and take advantage of the IRS rules allowing these tax free gifts.

Donations of stocks, bonds or mutual funds which have increased in value is a good way to realize the higher value of these securities with out incurring the tax liability of the gain but getting the benefit of a larger deduction on your tax return.

Property with no mortgage or debt is a good option and you can deduct the fair market value on your tax return, avoid capital gains taxes and reduce the size of your estate.

Another options is to transfer the deed of your home to Hospice of Okeechobee but maintain the right to use the property for the lifetime of your and your spouse.

Use this option to establish a contract between you and Hospice of Okeechobee which allows you to take a tax deduction for the gift and receive a fixed amount of income from the donation for the remainder of your life.  If this option appeals to you, we can arrange a confidential discussion with an expert in this type of transaction.

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