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A special kind of caring

A special kind of caring

Your Hometown Hospice since 1983.


Your Hometown Hospice since 1983.

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Who We Are


Founded in 1983

Founded by Okeechobee residents Paul Buxton, Fran Syfrett, Dorothy Bulger and others, Hospice of Okeechobee, Inc., is an award winning non-profit organization, that has provided compassionate care and support to thousands of local residents and their families in Okeechobee County.


Experienced and Supportive

Our care focuses on controlling the patient's pain and other physical symptoms of their illness, while also providing emotional and spiritual support for both the patient and their family. Hospice helps patients and families with end of life decision making, meeting life goals, enhancing family relationships, and promoting comfort where ever the patient may live.


Experienced Home Health Aids

Our Home Health aids are available to help your loved one in the comforts of their own home. Our home health team combined has over (x) years of experience and are committed to delivering high quality care.


Arthritis, physical disabilities, and age-related conditions are some of the few circumstances that prevent patients from caring for themselves. Our caregivers can assist you with daily tasks such as mobility, eating, exercising, and grooming.

Board of Directors



Frank Irby


Fran Syfrett

Second Vice President

Tina Clemons


Steve Lafferty                    Pam Rucks

Dorothy Bulger                  Matt Buxton

Sherri Enfinger                  Marie Culbreth

Nicki Smith                        Jeanna Smiley 

Sandra McAuley-Pearce 


Bereavement Services


We provide a free Grief and Loss Support Group.

The meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m at Hospice of Okeechobee, 317 SE 3rd Ave.

Everyone is welcome to join our support group.

We do offer individual Grief Counseling.

Please call us at 863-467-2321 for more information. 


Caregiver support group


We provide a free Caregiver Support Group to help you to be involved with your loved one's care. 

The meetings are held twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 2:30 p.m.

-2nd Thursday meeting will be held at the Hospice of Okeechobee within the Volunteer Building on 317 SE 3rd Ave. 

-4th Thursday meeting will be held at the Grand Oaks of Okeechobee on 203 Se 2nd St. at the Main Entrance

Please call us at 863-467-2321 for more information.

five wishes workshop


This service is available as an end of life workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn how to document and fulfill your loved one's final wishes and how they would like to be cared for during their final stages of life.




Letter from Lorena P.

Dear Hospice Staff, 

     Thank you so much for the love and care you gave my mom, Bette Newman. I'm so glad I brought her to you for her last weeks of life. Not living in Okeechobee, I knew I could count on you to take care of her and do the best for her. You didn't fail and went above the call of duty for her. I will ever be grateful for that. My only regret is not making it there in time before she passed. But, I had a feeling she might do that to me. 

     Thank you for getting her hair cut and for the beautiful quilt. This will be something my family will cherish. I appreciated everything you did for my family too. Thanks for calling me and thanks for taking my many calls to check on her condition. You are a great staff of loving and caring people.


Letter from May & Rucko Family

 Thank you for everything you do during this difficult time. It will not be forgotten. It meant so much.


With Special Thanks from Patty B.

     Thank you all for the love and care you gave my uncle JC during his stay with you. You were all so wonderful to him and myself. 

      A special thanks to Jose and Taylor who also cared for him at Okeechobee Health Care Facility. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything with your help. He passed away comfortable and so peaceful.

     This extra-special thank you note sent to you today holds more appreciation than any words can say. For you are among the nicest people I have ever known. And you all will never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you all have shown.

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Let us know about your questions or concerns. We have a person answering each phone call, 24/7 to assist you.
Feel free to fax any forms to 863.467.8330.

Hospice of Okeechobee

411 Southeast 4th Street, Okeechobee, Florida 34974, United States

Available 24/7: (863) 467-2321

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